TJ Built principals Tom Warton and Jim Campbell have ongoing extensive background in construction techniques,including specialized training in coating technologies. Tom’s family has been in the coatings business since the 1930s. With his mother being a fine artist working in acrylic and oil paints, Tom was trained early on how to identify and use colors. He also gained innovative experience through the family’s lamp manufacturing business. Tom has studied coating technology, the chemical formulations of finishes and the best application techniques, among others. Jim, as a graduate of the Wyoming Institute of Technology, became certified in custom automotive finishes and automotive interior finishes. He has leveraged these highly detailed disciplines from the automotive world and applied them to residential finishing. Tom and Jim actively share their expertise by providing in-depth cross-training to workers in each facet of kitchens, baths, doors and paint finishing. The result is a team with superior knowledge, intelligent critical-path decision-making skills and excellent communication. Well-trained employees save time and money, produce better work and earn customers’ trust.



Unlike many contracting firms, TJ Built offers qualified guidance on the most up-to-date offerings and trends. You benefit from expert advice, ideas and creativity to help you define your goals. Our highly skilled colorist helps you integrate your palette of colors, textures and materials into a design plan. Together, we tailor your ideas and decorating vision into reality that makes your home the inspired, vibrant space you want it to be. Rather than merely replacing something that has worn out, it’s your opportunity to benefit from comprehensive redesign and/or integration that brings your home to life. You benefit by saving the time and considerable expense for outside design professionals.



Many contractors use lower-quality materials to increase their profit margins. They assume you won’t know the difference, and often it isn’t apparent until you have lived with poor quality materials long after they’ve left the job. TJ Built has proven again and again that a slightly higher cost for quality materials is actually less expensive over time. Quality materials last far longer, require less replacement and maintenance costs, and lead to substantially greater enjoyment.



There are a variety of ways we deliver service excellence. For example, advanced sampling processes mean you getexactly what you want because you get to see how it looks before making your final commitment. Work habits, such as dust protection and working off-site, mean we don’t clutter your home, create fumes or damage the existing finishes (e.g.floors) adjacent to our work. It is our motto: “You can’t produce beautiful work in a filthy environment.” Consequently, we believe that the basis of good quality work is rooted in cleanliness, preparation and a consistently clean work environment. We really do care. But don’t take our word for it. Read our Customer Reviews. In an industry that ranks third worst for customer service complaints, we clearly recognize that, in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, we must listen and adapt to our customers’ uniquely individual needs. Here are some common consumer complaints about contractors and how TJ Built addresses them.












































The Bay Area has many painting contractors, but very few experts in coating application. TJ Built is recognized for magazine-quality finishes and achieving a look that many fine furniture stores would envy. Our training, equipment and technology enable us to tackle any type of coatings project with confidence, from furniture grade lacquering to advanced metal coating. We use high-quality, commercial-grade coatings available to professional applicators. Our shop’s advanced spray booth technology allows us to apply paint finishes off-site, rather than in your home. Your doors, cabinets and other construction components are coated in this properly ventilated booth under ideal temperature-controlled conditions. Finishes are adeptly managed and expertly controlled to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications to support warranty requirements. TJ Built finishes look better, wear better and last longer! See our Finishes page for more information.



Genuine craftsmanship is only achieved with serious tools. Our high-quality, professional grade tools help us provide you with top-tier work. Superior tools save time and are an essential ingredient to create precise, beautiful work. Our investment in Festool equipment with its connected vacuum system not only helps us reduce dust at the worksite, it produces better work. Festool features a unique system of dust collection for a full array of top-tier construction tools, such as circular saws, jig saws, routers and sanders. Our long-time savvy customers who demand excellence in jobsite practices understand the benefits of these tools and appreciate the results. You will, too!



While the construction industry is working to become “greener,” TJ Built has taken its own steps wherever possible to protect people and the environment. One of the best examples is our Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)-certified Novato spray booth. Our investment in this technology enables us to use environmentally appropriate practices when applying finishes. The booth has a filtration system that controls emissions and keeps harmful fumes away from customers’ homes, children, pets and our workers. Coatings waste is consolidated and recycled with a certified, bonded paint and solvent recycler. When finishes are applied in your home, we can offer low-to-no emission products; ask for our free consultation on coatings. TJ Built also has an EPA lead renovator certification, meaning we are trained to safely manage lead-based paint.



Media coverage itself does not constitute quality, but it does provide evidence that others have made that judgment about our company’s work. TJ Built is pleased to have been the focus of print coverage in Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset Magazine and Elegant Homes. We have also been featured on HGTV and the San Francisco and Marin Design Showcases.



We guarantee our own work. In the rare event a defect in workmanship should occur, we will gladly repair or replace the affected material in accordance with California State Contractor License Law. We pledge to follow manufacturer specifications during installation or application so full manufacturer warranties are maintained in full force on all materials.



The marketplace abounds with tradesmen who don’t follow the rules. The California State Contractors License Board regulates all home improvement work. Trades-people who defy state law may also be the person working on your home who scrambles away when legitimate concerns arise. Or, they may not have the necessary insurance, which could place a legal burden on you. TJ Built is properly licensed (CSL#858657), insured, bonded and is compliant with federal, state and local regulations.




10 REASONS why TJ Built Construction stands on true quality and what you can expect from us. Many people today use the word “quality” loosely. At TJ Built, we believe quality is the result of skilled craftsmen envisioning the end result before they begin the work. We believe quality occurs from many small decisions made throughout the project, such as selecting better hardware or fixtures or by using professional-grade finishes. High-quality outcomes are also the result of persistently pursuing the details. We are focused on the details so all our clients see in their completed project is the flawless evidence of superior work. Quality means your vision is not only aesthetically well executed, but it works better and lasts longer. We believe you expect and deserve real quality.

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