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TJ Built expertly provides a wide variety of finishing work, including artistic and architectural coatings. Examples include:

· Traditional home painting

· Paint and stain glazes

· Magazine-quality wood staining, including Aniline dyes

· Strié

· Graining

· Distressing

· Stippling

· Rag rolling

· Sponging

· Lacquer pigmented paints for cabinets and wood

· Conversion varnish: clear and pigmented



TJ Built has invested in a Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)-certified spray booth to apply finishes offsite from clients’ premises. This level of certification actually exceeds federal EPA standards!

Located in our Novato shop, this booth enables us to apply higher-quality, industrial-class finishes that are only available to professional applicators. Many of the doors, cabinets and other surfaces in remodeling projects are professionally coated in this environmentally controlled, ventilated booth. Finishes are applied at proper temperature per manufacturers’ specifications so they adhere evenly without blemishes. Coatings applied in this manner protect you because these practices meet or exceed manufacturers’ warranty requirements.




CUSTOM COLORS AND COLOR MATCHING   We offer unparalleled color matching capabilities. This involves truly custom work (not formulaic) that connects your exact color needs to your current or planned drapes, tiles, upholstery and all your existing finish surfaces.


EMPHASIS ON SAMPLING   Simple painters have you pick from color swatches. We develop large samples of finishes on the same type of surface to be coated in your home. This allows you to make an informed choice by seeing the sample in various lights (day and night, natural and artificial light) to avoid regrettable color choices.


COLOR SELECTION ASSISTANCE   We help you develop and choose colors that bring your home’s total color palette together. We show you how to breathe fresh life into your home by using the wonderful world of color make sense of your architectural features and details.


TRADITIONAL/OLD WORLD FINISHES   We use proprietary processes to create the look of pre-EPA paint finishes.


METAL FINISHES    Jim Campbell’s automotive coatings expertise allows us to use commercial-grade paints to provide highly durable finishes to the areas of your home that are beat up by harsh environment and atmospheric conditions. Metal-clad windows are often considered untreatable, so we use an industrial tractor paint to reinvigorate these complex window systems. This often saves homeowners the cost of replacing good windows that no longer fit their new exterior color scheme.

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TO SOME PEOPLE, it’s just paint. But, at TJ Built, we take the art, science and techniques of finishes to a higher standard. We proudly create one-of-a-kind stain and paint finishes that rival the quality of fine furniture galleries. The difference begins with knowledge and expertise. Tom Warton, our highly trained professional colorist, is both a paint specifier and paint coating qualifier. In addition to studying and familiarity with numerous resources on the chemical properties and best practices of applying finishes, Tom was raised in the coatings industry through his family’s business. Regardless of its application, Tom knows coatings!

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