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FRONT DOORS are your home’s first impression. Don’t let your guests be introduced to your home by a sloppy, faded or worn door with weathered wood or broken, outdated hardware. Interior doors have the same dramatic impact. Whether you need a complete new door system, or more of a simple re-patterning, TJ Built is the area’s new door specialist. You might be surprised at how affordable this simple change can be, and then be amazed by how much difference it makes to the look and feel of your home!

Once the new door is in place, homeowners are always amazed at the difference it makes. A beautifully finished, new door with quality hardware will dramatically impact the appearance, function and enjoyment of your home.

1.   We conduct a site review, check the walls for plumb, and examine door frame and general conditions.


2.  Selection: We help you pick the right door, hinges, lockset and specialty hardware. These selections are based on your personal aesthetic and financial objectives.


3. We offer you the option of pre-hung doors or re-patterning existing frames with new doors. The choice you make is determined by your preference as well other factors that we will be happy to review with you.


4. Keyed locksets can either be matched or keyed differently; it’s up to you.


5. We use color-matching technology to exactly match existing colors per your request.


6. Doors may be finished off-site in our Novato shop spray booth under ideal conditions. Finishes are applied at proper temperature per manufacturer specifications to optimize the coating’s performance.


7. We follow all door manufacturers’ suggestions and requirements. Our superior methods mean we exceed our competitors’ standards and protect you by keeping all warranties intact.


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